ON NOVEMBER 4, 1996 AT 1:05 PM


“I am Saint Stanislaus.  This Gift of The Father’s, allowing so Many of Us to speak openly, encouraging and instructing mankind on the Importance of human life, and the Purpose for human life, is to give to mankind a Goal, Hope, and more understanding of the valuable things that mankind has been endowed with:  a mind, a conscience, a will, and a desire to grow spiritually, to better understand more about the Importance of human life, and more about God Who created not just human life, but everything.

We Saints hear so much dialogue by learned people, discussing the ifs, the ands, the buts, regarding the values in which mankind has been taught to believe, such as belief in God, belief in His Commandments, belief in The Holy Trinity, belief in Our Heavenly Mother, belief that every individual human being is conceived with a Portion of God within them, and This Portion, called ‘the Soul’, is a constant reflection to God in an intimate form, of all that the individual does, says, thinks, participates in.

It is important for mankind to never diminish the knowledge that man has been given the ability to know what is right, what is wrong, thus putting it in the category of what is moral, what is immoral.  Mankind has been Blessed with so much information.  Even when an individual is uneducated, there are instincts in human life that help individuals in many areas of association with others, in how to survive when all things are negative.

There are millions of books written in many languages, and most times one must plow through a lot of words to find something valuable that they can associate with, they can understand, they can use immediately or at a later time.

The Father, in His Love for mankind, has generously given to mankind This Miracle of His Divine Love, through That Portion of Himself, called ‘The Holy Spirit’.  Though it may be difficult for some who have studied, to find this acceptable, Truth is Fact, and even when it is questioned, Truth can never be lessened by opinion, because in the long run, Truth has a way of standing open at a given time and showing itself for what it is, because in Truth there is Strength beyond what mankind knows strength to be.”

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