ON JANUARY 9, 1997 AT 12:50 PM


“Mankind constantly searches for a higher life, a greater reason for mankind’s desire for knowledge, progress, good health and personal happiness.  Through This Miracle of Divine Love, I have Personally given to mankind an Exorbitant Gift of the Importance of human life and the Goal I have for it.  I use a small voice, a small figure, a nature dedicated to The Divine, not always obvious to all people, but all through this life, I created men, women and children who many times questioned her attitude regarding Me, because to them, this emphasized what was spoken, shown, or obvious, as a point of conversation automatically would reflect more about Me than the subject matter contained.

The world has been Blessed and it is obvious, but I see so many, through jealousy, human indifference, disregard the Content, What is spoken by her, through her, and What is written to learn more about Me and the Importance I place on human life I created.

I have given mankind many senses, many talents, many degrees of intelligence, and the ability to recognize that The Designer of all these things is a Higher Source of not just Knowledge, but with the Ability to create beyond what mankind is capable of doing.

I hold the universe in place, for I have created it for reasons.  I see mankind using different degrees of intellect to more fully understand this magnificent Gift that is beyond human ability.

I love mankind above all things, and in My Love, I have placed a Portion of Me.  Through This Gift through a small child in the world, I have instructed mankind in so many ways, to fully understand that mankind is a Design of Mine that I Will to return to Me, because I Will That Portion of Me, the Soul, to one day again be with Me, bearing the name of the individual in which the Soul will one day represent that individual for All Eternity.”

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