ON FEBRUARY 24, 1997 AT 1:01 PM


“I am Blessed Junipero Serra.  The Father has allowed Me to speak because of the Importance of mankind in every walk of life.

Some will say, ‘He is not a Saint,’ when they read My Words.  Some will say, ‘He has to be a Saint because of what I’ve heard about Him.’ I smile at this because it is important for mankind to see the Importance of becoming ‘a Saint’.

In the human thinking way of life, men, women, and even children seek abilities that express knowledge, progress.  It is important that mankind strive for success in many walks of life, but always to be sure of the morals that are attached to every day’s practice in these morals.

We hear so many discuss This Miracle of The Father’s Love, and then We watch so many who want others to prove It to them, vocally, physically.  Then We see those who desperately plead for assurance that All of Heaven is speaking at ‘this time’, and that What is being spoken is from What is Divine, and not from some human source.

I have spoken many times, not mentioning My Name.  It is important that mankind resist all temptations that inflict upon the Soul the slightest speck of impurity.  Compare a sin to something you treasure, that if it is harmed in any way it will sadden you.  The sadness you feel has no comparison to the sadness your Soul feels when you sin against any Commandment, and you practice immorality in any form, any degree.

There is much jealousy that surrounds This Miracle, but the individuals do not consider it jealousy.  They feel that they have the right to condemn or condone, even when they inwardly know that What We speak is important for the good of their Soul.

When The Father gave to the world This Miracle of His Love, He gave It at a time when It was much needed, and in His Love for mankind, He has allowed so Many to speak through This Miracle in a variety of ways, instructing mankind on the Importance of human life, and the Reason for which it was created.

I beg of you, never turn your back on God.  You have everything to help you understand the Importance of human life, and why it was created.

A long time ago, The Father passed through ‘one human voice’ The Commandments to live by, and to be lived by for all time to come.  Mankind has a way of shortening the version of so many things, the description, the value, making things so concise for easier learning, thus eliminating Important Words of Direction, of Value.  By leaving These Words out, it diminishes the Meaning, the full Concept, the Purpose for which the additional Words add the Greatness in which and for which, They were originally spoken.

When We hear questioning, doubt, jealousy, arrogance, on any given Revelation, it brings Us sadness because We know instinctively, immediately, that the enemy of God and man is a source through some weak point in the individual or individuals.

We see mankind throughout the world do many things to become physically strong, mentally wise, but there are fewer concerned about being morally perfect, morally alert, morally tuned to God’s Commandments.

This Miracle was given to mankind because mankind needed Personal Instruction, Direction, because of the Souls that were being cast aside, ignored by so many individuals.  This is not the first time in the History of mankind that The Father has so openly given to mankind His Direct Love, through a voice that others would understand.

If The Father had Each of Us speak in a foreign language to where you are, to those who are taking the Words down, it would not be logical, nor would it be practical, but putting All that has been given in other languages will be a Blessing to millions of people who do not speak the language in which All These Things have been delivered.  It will take much time, much energy, but I promise you, it will please The Father and it will be the means to help millions of Souls of other people.  So be it.”

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