ON FEBRUARY 28, 1997 AT 11:35 AM


“I am Saint Stanislaus.

Many times when The Father sends a Special Open Gift to mankind through ‘an individual’, much jealousy, much envy shows from areas that ordinarily cling to only what they believe in, or they administer as truths.

This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph has, in so many ways, openly expressed Truths that some very learned men and women find difficult, because they did not hear about it when they were studying theology, Christianity.

It is sad for All of Us Here in the Heavens to hear anyone use different methods to deny, or create others to have denial regarding the Truths that This Gift of The Father’s Love have and are so generously being dictated by All of Heaven.

Mankind is learning an in-depth knowledge regarding the Soul that is an Important Part of the birth of human beings, and this Soul, though unseen, is evident in every human being.  Those who deny such an Entity of Divine Love must understand that the very human Gift of speech, of the ability to learn many things, and act on them, in them, proves the intellect of mankind special and above all other living things; thus, is it not reasonable that as The Father has given to human life so much and in so many ways, oftentimes using a Gift of understanding to be able to use this in not just belief in a Supreme Being, but feeling an Association with The Supreme Being through the Soul?

It is difficult for some very learned men and women to fathom the reality of a Living Portion of The Father becoming a Living Portion of every human being.  Logic should tell mankind that in The Father’s Design of human life, He included Something that would be responsible to Him, for Him, rather than human life just being like all other living things.

Human life has abilities; also, human life has advantages, talents, and also, each individual has a different degree in all of these things.  The mentality of human life is, in many ways, a Treasure and a Treasury of knowledge.

Mankind has been Blessed because for so long mankind has taken so much for granted, so The Father, through His Love for mankind, has allowed at ‘this time’, for mankind to be able to more fully understand what a Special Gift human life is, through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph.

Some We hear say that Saint Joseph is not What The Miracle speaks of Him to be.  This in many ways is not just a sadness, but as man would put it, ‘a ridiculous statement’, because all things prove and point to the reality that He was not just human, but was Special in Ways that mankind, through time, has not elaborated upon; so ‘this time’, for This Gift to be given to mankind, had to be now.

Man says, ‘I love so and so, I love this, I love that.’ How many times do you hear mankind say: ‘I love God.  I want to be close to Him.  I desire to obey all The Rules He has given so that I will understand what He expects of me’?  Mankind must understand The Commandments, because in Their in-depth meaning, They cover all facets of man’s abilities, beliefs, understanding, and in these things man, as an individual, stands alone under all circumstances, in all areas of life, because of the Soul that is within each human being.

The Soul is the recipient of all an individual believes in, acts upon, relates to others, and obeys The Father’s Will because of the Soul that is Important to them, because of Who It is a Portion of.  So be it.”

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