ON MARCH 5, 1997 AT 12:58 PM


“I am Saint Gregory The Great.  I smile when I mention My Title, because this little one through whom I speak paid much homage to Me in many ways when she belonged to a place that was named after Me.  She asked Me constantly for particular favors, and as she asked them she would always say, ‘Please.’

Today I say to her and to all who will read These Words, ‘Please, remember you have a Soul that must return to The Father for All Eternity.’

Mankind, when he or she says prayers, do not always say the prayers with sincerity.  They rattle them off from memory.  Their intention for the prayer is silently there, but the love in the prayer does not show.  These Words are to help mankind realize how important it is when an individual speaks to another individual, they show expression, sincerity, and have meaning to what they say; so it should be when a prayer is spoken to Any One of Us Here.

Great Love is extended to everyone who says a prayer to Anyone Here in the Heavens, difficult for some to believe or understand, but nonetheless, it is Truth.  Just because We cannot be seen, Our Presence is a reality.  Whenever you call Our Name, We respond.  No matter how many at one time call Our Name, We are aware of all of them.  It is one of the Gifts The Father allows Here with Him.

Let Me say that at one moment ten thousand people called on The Father at one time, He would hear every one of them.  So in His Love for mankind, He allows mankind’s prayer to be heard by All of Us.  When Our Name is announced, We are immediately aware of it.

Heaven is different than what mankind is used to.  Heaven is beyond human understanding, and yet Heaven is as close as a word, as a thought, an idea, a hope, a prayer.

It is sad when We hear some individuals think they have to be in a church, or in a specific place to be heard.  This is not so.  Through your Guardian Angel, through your love for God, We are All available every moment of every day, and We do hear any request you make, and any sign of love you show Our Way.

Think about this:  You are in a crowd of people and your eyes are looking in every direction.  Humanly speaking, do you not become aware of many individuals that you see?  Well, put this on a Higher Level of Association.  No Saint is not available to you twenty-four hours a day.  So be it.”

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