ON MARCH 14, 1997 AT 1:56 PM


“I am Saint Columbkille.  My time with you today is My concern over what is being taught, instructed to millions of youngsters throughout the world.  First of all, there is so much assumption on what a child already knows, or what a child is more apt to be comfortable with, or what a child will be able to use because of its culture.

I ask a very important question:  What Part does the individual’s Soul play in all these assumptions?  Does the one who instructs an individual child of any age take into consideration the individual’s moral standards, moral values, that at a given age will be important for them to know?  Even at the age of one, the first words a child hears most of the time in direction is ‘No.’ The child just eventually ignores the word ‘No’, because that word is negative.

The mind of a child has already heard many conversations while in the womb.  This is ignored by those who are older in years.  More should be taught on the physical aspects of the conception, and then how this conception learns so much about human life.  Granted, it does not all show at the moment a child is born, but many things are indelibly marked that were stated in casual forms at another time.

Ask yourself:  When a child is born, does it not radiate the culture from those who were associated with this, and does the learning stage not show that the child automatically relates immediately to those with whom it is being raised?

We hear mankind talk about the pedigree of an animal, and then We hear a description belittling to some animals, using a slang term.  A child is a human being.  A child has a Soul immediately assigned to it at the moment of conception.  A child is not an animal.  Human life differs in many ways, for many reasons, than all other creations.

If one plants a rose, they do not expect a dandelion to come forth.  If one plants a tree, they do not expect a flower to take its place.  If wood is needed to build something stable, strong, one does not use something soft such as the petals of a rose.  This is logical.  Its very statement says that human life is distinct, and human life has a Purpose beyond what anything else has.

Human life is made to the Image and Likeness of God.  This does not mean that God looks like man, but all the senses of mankind, the sight, the touch, the ability to think, the ability to produce, the ability of the mind alone is cognizant of the Importance of human life versus all other living things.

The personality of a human being has many dimensions and oftentimes gives light, hope, in a treasury of measures to others, because of the personality of the individual, the intelligence, the innate love for other human beings.

So much has not been spoken about regarding the Importance of human life, the rights an individual has, the abilities, the conscience, the ability to make decisions, the abilities to learn, using the mind in complicated areas, in simple areas; the ability to show understanding, concern, love, emotions, respect.

Volumes could be written on the Value of human life, and the Magnificent Goal The Father has set aside for it.  Let no one demean what human life is, and I ask you to see human life as a Gift of Divine Love, and that human life has a Specific Design that gives to it Dignity, Goal, Purpose that nothing else has.

Human life has been Blessed by the very fact that the sensitivity mankind has to a Higher Being Existing and Being in Control, is an Important Factor that should never be cast aside as unimportant.

All of Us Who speak bless those who read What We say, and We are present when Our Names are discussed, because The Father allows it to be, because of the Soul that mankind is in possession of.  This is a constant Connection, Closeness to The Holy Trinity.  So be it.”

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