ON MARCH 25, 1997 AT 1:40 PM


“I am Saint Cecilia.  Many of Us wait for The Father to allow Us to deliver His Love to all of mankind.

It is sad when We hear rejection of so much Beautiful Direction, given in a manner understandable, and in a way that mankind can readily see the Importance of human life, that it is Special, and has a Goal that no other living thing possesses.

There is so much dissension throughout the world, none of it justifiable, because it is based on jealousies, hate, envy, immorality, and biased likes, dislikes, thus affecting a hopelessness in so many ways.  Where there is hopelessness there is fear, anger, and an increase in injustice.

The world has been given a Gift beyond what any human being could ever give it, and that is This Miracle of The Father’s Love, This Miracle of constant Instruction, Direction, instilling Hope, helping mankind to understand what a Precious Gift human life is.  This is one of the reasons it is so sad to see so many abortions, based on so many wrong opinions and/or weaknesses that an individual or individuals conclude as the only solution.

When a human being gets hurt physically, there is fear, there are tears, and many times even screams, according to the situation and/or the depth of the situation.  Let Me ask you a question:  If you were an infant, newly formed in certain ways, would you not have a certain degree of senses, because senses are a major part of human life, and if physical abuse was given to these senses, would you not feel the pain, the agony?  And yet, your development would not show, because you would not have developed in the lung capacity for sound, in the vocal capacity for sound, and of course, other reasons attached to this.

There are millions of words that could be dictated on this subject, and all justifiable because of the Importance of a conception of a living human being, and yet We see thousands of these conceptions tortured daily.

The world must change.  Mankind talks about civilization, all the great facets that mankind consists of, and is capable of applying or complying with or to.  Mankind should ask himself and herself:  Is justice a priority in daily living?  Is conscience a priority?  Are moral values and moral standards always a concern of every day’s actions, deeds, practices and obligations?

The world is saturated with so much diabolical intervention, so little understanding of the full degree, the full meaning of God’s Commandments.  Many times We hear men and women carry on major discussions on what is practical, what is professional, what is monetarily gainful, but We rarely, if ever, hear about justice in its full measure, morality in its full concept, truth in the fullness that describes obedience to God’s Commandments in every facet of every one of Them, in one’s conscience, and in one’s personal demeanor, and obvious example.  So be it.”

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