ON APRIL 7, 1997 AT 1:45 PM


“I am Saint Elizabeth.  It is a wonderful, delightful communication that The Father has given to so Many of Us Here with Him.  It gives to human life a two-way communication that is not ordinary, but Exceptional, because We are now able to instruct mankind Personally, Lovingly, in so many areas, on so many subjects that mankind of all ages can understand.

This Gift that has given mankind an awareness of Our Presence is Special, because to millions of people before this, they had to read what came through an individual, but nothing was as Complete, as Personal, as Direct, as This Gift that The Beloved Saint Joseph gives to mankind, allowing Hundreds of Us to speak openly, making mankind aware of the Importance of human life, and the Goal that The Father has for the Gift of Life in a Greater State.

It is sad when We hear rejection of This Gift.  Sometimes it is because of a lack of Spiritual understanding, sometimes it is jealousy, and of course, this list could be endless, but those who serve in readiness to take down What We speak for the benefit of millions of others, We say one thing: ‘Every Word you write shares All of Heaven with everyone who will read and believe, and practice All the Direction that is given.’

We see hundreds, if not thousands of all different types of people, writing books, writing stories, writing the facts as they know them, but there is no comparison to What you are a part of, and that is to help mankind more fully understand the Closeness of the Presence of God and All The Saints daily, in a way that every human being should thank The Father for.

The Soul is the Connecting Link.  The Soul radiates a love to Everything We say, because the Soul is a Portion of The Father, indescribable to what mankind can say, think, or do.  A Blessing is oftentimes small, but it gives strength.  This Blessing is of a Magnitude that gives Hope, Understanding, Clarity, and Personal Communication, helping the physical, the mental, the moral and the Spiritual practices of every living human being who will read the Words and accept Them for the Love, in the Love, They are delivered.

I would speak more at this time, but what I have already spoken, hopefully will fill the hearts of millions of mankind, and awaken their understanding to What they are the custodian of:  a Portion of The Father, called ‘the Soul’.  So be it.”

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