ON APRIL 20, 1997 AT 1:10 PM


“I am God The Father.  Man says I would not speak through a human being.  I say, ‘I do, and have many times.’ Many of these were through past times and not all recorded.

I speak now through a little one and I have directed Many Here with Me to speak, because mankind is in great need of Direction and Help at this time throughout the world.

Man shouts being successful in all areas of life, but how many can say they are positive of the Goal for human life, and that is to return their Soul to Me in a Pure State of Being?

Today I speak through this little one to warn mankind of the Importance for which I created human life, and that was to return to Me for All Eternity.  This Statement may be difficult for mankind to understand, but I have also given human life understanding that human life is the highest form of life, because it has a Soul that is a Portion of Me.

The world is in turmoil and it is pleasing to the enemy of Mine and man’s.  It is important that all ages respond to All that This Gift of My Divine Love is spreading throughout the world.  There is no Miracle as This One is, because it would confuse mankind if he or she had to choose one or the other to follow, to accept, to believe.

There is only One of Me.  I am The Creator of All mankind and All creation.  I am known as being Three in One.  That is true, because Each Portion of Me has a Purpose.

Love to mankind is personal.  My Love for mankind is a Love beyond human comprehension.  My Way is to give mankind a Life for All Eternity, to be with Me in a State of Wonder, Beauty and Divine Love.”

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