ON MAY 25, 1997 AT 3:13 PM


“A child of years and much closeness to Me, is bound by Me to repeat Word for Word What I want mankind to learn, to know, and to value.

The world of mankind is in chaos, due to the infiltration of so many diabolic acceptances, ignoring the Beauty and Purpose for which I created human life.

At different intervals of time I use ‘an individual’ to stand strong in the Manner, Way and Degree I Direct, because a human being can reach openly thousands of people I have created.

Human life has a Goal beyond all goals, so This Gift of My Divine Love has been given at a time when mankind must see, understand, and value the Love I have for this Creation of Mine.  No other creation has the Goal human life has, or the abilities to understand and/or achieve the Goal of returning to Me for All Eternity.

Some will read What I have just dictated through this little one and not want to accept It, but through each individual’s will, they have the privilege and opportunity to return to Me their Soul that is a Portion of Me.

The Lessons of what human life is all about should be passed throughout the world in all languages and never be stopped, because I want all human life to read All I have delivered so clearly, so concisely, and with Divine Love, because mankind has a Portion of Me in them from the moment of conception.  That is why the enemy of Mine and man tries in so many ways to cause impurities, indignities and confusion, where mankind has the ability to make decisions that are beneficial to the Soul for All Eternity.”

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