ON JUNE 3, 1997 AT 2:54 PM


“I am Saint Stanislaus.

The Father, through This Gift of His Divine Love, is deliberately instructing mankind on the importance of obedience to His Commandments, to His Will, to His Love, because His Love is for the benefits in all of mankind’s abilities, hopes, desires, practices.

Children are not being instructed on the importance of moral standards, or on the quality of practicing sound reasoning, thus ignoring wrong judgments in so many areas they are involved with others their own ages, or with those who are older than they.  There is so little being taught to the very young regarding the importance of their being truthful, being honest, and using prayer when they are confused, they are in trouble morally, physically, spiritually.

Mankind throughout the world is being attracted to so many things that are evil, obviously so, but this does not encourage them or discourage them in any way.  By encourage, I mean for them to see what their decisions must be.  By discourage, I mean that they must reject what is foul, what is ugly, what is immoral.

The world has been Blessed in so many ways, but it is sad to say that those who have accepted positions of authority are ignoring their responsibilities.  They should be relentless in fighting all that is wrong.  They should be relentless in instructing all ages to obey The Father’s Commandments, and fight the enemy of God and man.

Today as I speak through this little one, I see so many things throughout the world that could be termed ‘diabolical practices’ in work areas, in social areas, in educational institutions, and in many family-oriented places.  Prayer is not being spoken like it should be, because mankind in so many ways uses self-indulgence where it is harmful to the body, degenerating to the mind, and diabolical in nature.

All the Messages that have been passed through This Precious Gift of Divine Love should be passed throughout the world, and not questioned whether They will be used in the right manner, because there will be no way of knowing where They fall, or who reads Them, or who finds Them what they have been looking for to guide them, to guard them, to help them, because of the Soul that they feel is within them.

When an individual is Blessed by a clerical source, there is a feeling of support, help, and in this feeling there is hope.  Today as I speak through a small voice, you must understand that This Miracle of Divine Love has handed to mankind more Hope, more Love, more Valuable Information than mankind can truly understand, because Divine Love is Far Greater than human ability or attention.  So be it.”

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