ON JUNE 16, 1997 AT 1:43 PM


“I am Saint Stanislaus.

Mankind fears wars that take lives, fears burdens that attack the physical, the mental.  Mankind fears physical harm, but mankind does not fear abuse to God’s Commandments.

There are millions of peoples throughout the world that range in all degrees of mentality, of justice, of what is spiritually correct, what is morally sound for daily living, and yet We see and hear so much immorality, indignities, impurities, indecencies practiced by all degrees of intelligence.

Mankind fears harm to the body.  It is innate in mankind to fear this, but if a poll was taken, what man calls ‘people’s opinions’ taken on a given subject, it would be shocking to the mentality of millions of human beings throughout the world, to see the figure in numbers that fear in any way, abusive immorality to the Souls of mankind, no matter what age, no matter what Spiritual beliefs, no matter what walk of life they follow.

That is why This Miracle has been sent to the world, openly dictating instructively, constructively to mankind’s mentality, the importance of purity where the Soul is ‘the victim’ of what an individual is doing, saying, practicing, involved in, to any degree, in any manner, for any reason.

The Father chose a small group to be close to where this little one through whom I speak stands openly; a small group, faithful to Him, faithful in the degree of understanding the Importance that each one’s Soul plays, participates in, every day of every life throughout the world.

There are many theologians who speak with great words that only they understand.  They omit the simplicity in how they describe morality that is so important to the Soul of every living human being.

The Father has Blessed the whole world with a Miracle of Instruction, openly saying what is expected of every living human being, because of the Soul that He places at the moment of conception, that is That Part of human life to be returned to Him at a given time.  It is sad to see so many millions of people ignoring what a Treasured Gift human life is, and the Importance of it to be returned to God for All Eternity.

Those who blaspheme This Miracle will be Judged by The Father.  Those who ignore what This Miracle has given will be Judged by The Father.  Those who are envious of This Gift, deny This Gift, will be Judged by The Father.

There has not been a Gift of This Magnitude for centuries.  It is important that What I have spoken be put in print and passed throughout the world.  So be it.”

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