ON JUNE 26, 1997 AT 12:55 PM


“I am Saint Stanislaus.  Early in This Gift of The Father’s, so Many Saints spoke through this little one to hundreds of people.  It was always sad when We saw skepticism, or devious actions, in trying to discredit Our Presence and What We would speak about.  We kept telling the little one she must persevere because The Father Willed mankind to know more about the importance of man’s communication with others, and communication with All of Us.

So often communication between two or more people thrives on impurities of the mind, the body, affecting the Soul in a sadness that mankind cannot fathom the depth of.  Those who wanted to accept This Gift of The Father’s were oftentimes placed in defensive arguments, statements, because the enemy of God and man used every instance possible to deflect the Beauty of What was occurring for the benefit of Souls to become more acquainted with the closeness each individual has with The Divine.

Much time has passed since the beginning of the Announcement of This Gift of The Father’s Love.  We have seen many gain Spiritual growth but they do not want to claim it, or openly recognize it, because of the possibility of criticism or questioning, or inevitable doubts that will automatically be destructive to the Beauty of The Gift of The Father’s Love.

Today as I speak, I speak in a manner, a way, hoping that Every Word I say will leave an Indelible Mark on your memory for those who were present as I speak, because you see, This Gift of Divine Love is a Personal Blessing to mankind, that mankind must recognize as a Gift beyond what human life could possibly give, because The Father, in instilling a Soul in every conception, also instilled in this conception a knowledge of understanding what is pure, what is impure, what is right, what is wrong, what is logical, what is illogical, regarding what human life will be exposed to, have to make decisions on, and also that each human being is responsible for the decisions they make throughout their life.

When We hear excuses, perhaps the individual feels justified in the excuse of having been dominated by someone, or the situation made them vulnerable to participation in the wrong.  What mankind must understand, that the Judgment of The Divine on all the individual’s decisions will always be Just.  That is an Important Statement I have just spoken, because Justice is the Key to Divine Love, Divine Hope, Divine Purity.  So be it.”

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