ON JUNE 30, 1997 AT 1:00 PM


“I am Saint Anthony Mary Claret.

Mankind refuses to accept, to understand, to believe, that there is much diabolical pressure in every area of human life.  Sometimes this pressure appears as though it is enticement, encouragement, and/or a chance to develop a new way of thinking, a new way of practicing one’s demeanor to attract more attention.

Many of Us see groups of adults in a frenzy regarding their communication with others, their practices in what they call ‘religious Faith’; also, We see a weakness bordering on commitment, because they cannot find in a particular place a strength in what God is all about.  There are so many different opinions, practices that are being advocated, and most of these are humanistic in sound interpretations.

The value of a coin is what mankind expects to receive when using the coin, whether it be in trading something with someone else, or purchasing an item.  Monetary things are constantly being placed first on so many issues, in so many areas of individuals who are never reticent to challenge whether the deal is questionable or valuable.

I compare this to how mankind is treating Faith in God.  There are so many self-made prophets dealing in matters they do not truly know the value of, but they are constantly using every media to allow themselves to have access to the vulnerability of those who desire to know more about The Creator of All Things, to be closer to Him, and grow more sound in their dealings with Him.

As I speak today, I speak through a human voice, requesting that What I speak be put into transcript, so that It can be read and seen for the reasonability in the Value, the importance in individuals understanding that The Creator of All Things created them, and they are subject to Him for all they do, all they say, all they practice, all they represent.

My Words today are different, but I speak this way because if one individual reads These Words and they grow more in love with The Father’s Will, it is worth all the effort that anyone has used to transcribe These Words.

Mankind must remember that human life has a Goal and human life has a Soul, and all things earthly cannot compare to the Value for which human life was created, and there is nothing else created that has a Soul, so as a human being, awareness is the first step, practice the second step, obedience the third step, Sainthood the final step.”

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