ON AUGUST 1, 1997 AT 12:57 PM


“I am Saint Elizabeth of Hungary.

The Father’s Love for mankind is constantly being expressed through This Gift of His Divine Love, His Love through His Holy Spirit.  The world has been given a Gift beyond what mankind could ever understand the Magnitude of.  This Gift is a Gift of Teaching, of Instruction, based on God’s Love for mankind, and the Importance of the Soul that each human being is the custodian of.  No other living thing has a Blessing of this Magnitude, this Purpose.

It is sad to see mankind not fully understand what a Great Gift human life is, and the responsibilities that are to give to mankind a fuller understanding that human life has a Goal above and beyond all living matter and things.

When All of Us Saints Here with The Father watch diligently the Perfection of so much that He is allowing to be instructed, We automatically reflect Our Thanks, Our Love, Our Hope in each Revelation, Each of Us trying to encourage mankind to more fully understand what a Treasured Gift of Divine Love human life is to man.

We see children of all ages not being instructed on the importance of what they say, what they do, what they practice, and what they project to others, not only their age, but all ages that they come in contact with.

When We hear rejection of This Gift of The Father’s Love, This Miracle that constantly gives to all ages the Importance of human life, and that it was purposely structured in a specific way, being the only living thing that has a Portion of The Father within it, We hear some try to debate This Statement, because they feel that other living things could possibly be as important as mankind.

Every living thing has an importance to it and everything has a reason for it, but human life has a distinction in its ability to understand that there is a Supreme Being, and that human life has a Goal beyond all other living things.  Some individuals attach goals only to the physical or mental, because they do not understand that human life has been endowed with a Soul, unseen, never really felt, but is obviously there because of the innate understanding that a human being has that there is More to human life than appears on the surface.

With each Message mankind receives through This Miracle of Divine Love, there are multiple Blessings in the Information, helping mankind to more fully understand that human life has a Purpose, a Goal above all other living things.  Do not forget, human life has the freedom of a will, the ability to express intentions; also, the conscious understanding of many areas in life wherein they, as an individual, can use a mentality to do so many things.

The mentality of human life is a Gift that should never be wasted, and mankind must understand that the Soul, like mentality, is not visual to the eye, but it is to the conscience, to the memory, to the mind.  So be it.”

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