ON AUGUST 5, 1997 AT 3:16 PM


“I am Saint Charles Borromeo.  As I speak it is My Love for mankind, that mankind will do The Father’s Will according to the full meaning of His Commandments.  In so many ways, in so many places, These Commandments are being ignored, broken, forgotten.  Sometimes there is much sadness when We see The Beloved Heavenly Mother show sorrow because of so much rejection of obedience to These Commandments.

Mankind automatically desires to have all that is good around him or her, all that is beautiful, comfortable.  Physical things are important to mankind, but We see thousands upon thousands daily ignoring morality, ignoring the Fact that each individual is responsible for a Soul that is placed at the moment of conception.

Without this Soul, mankind would not have the sensitivity to understand right over wrong, good over evil.  The human mind would not have the full concept regarding the importance of all decisions an individual makes, because the Soul is an Innate Gift to every human being, allowing every human being to understand, to recognize immediately what is pure, what is impure, what is right, what is wrong.

Every human being has the privilege, the free will instilled at the moment of conception, to be more than any other living thing, because of the Soul that is That Portion of giving to each human being an in-depth understanding that human life has obligations, because of the freedom of will that, through the Soul, is a Gift of Divine Love that nothing else has.

Children of very young ages should be instructed on this privilege of human life that they are responsible for and to, because it is in the privilege of using their free will that their Soul will be Judged at a given time by The Creator of All Things.

It is difficult for some men, women and children to fathom the Magnitude of human life, because they deliberately ignore that human life has a Distinctness beyond all other living things.  The free will is in many ways, consistently and constantly conscious through the mind of the individual, of right, wrong, truth and untruths, justice and injustices.

I speak These Words because at this time mankind is ignoring God’s Commandments, openly saying that They were of the past, and that now in the world of modernization things have changed, there are more liberties acceptable.  This is not so.  So be it.”

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