ON SEPTEMBER 16, 1997 AT 12:36 PM


“I am God The Father.  I have given to the world a Personal Gift of My Divine Love, and I hear them blaspheme This Love.

I hear men, women, and even some children, act in a superior manner, saying they are knowledgeable on what I am all about.  This saddens Me, because these remarks take man’s mentality and Faith in Me back to the days that were diabolical in so many areas, so many ways.

The world has been Blessed by This Gift of My Divine Love, using the Beloved Name of ‘Saint Joseph’ as the Point of Instruction, of Guidance, of Facts, of Truths.  So Many Saints have revealed to mankind important Gifts of Instruction, regarding that I am within each living human being in a Form, in a Manner, that gives Strength, Honor, Dignity to human life.

I have instilled in human life the logic of understanding My Existence and My Constant Association with each one individually.  I hear men and women who have read the teachings of so-called ‘great authors’, resisting This Gift of My Divine Love that I have allowed so Many Here to instruct mankind in gentle ways, pure ways, on the Importance of each one’s closeness to Me.

When I hear rejection of This, I see only the evil using doubt, jealousy, hate, envy.  I have dictated verbally through a small voice so much Information, giving to mankind of all races, all colors, all creeds, all degrees of intelligence, obvious Truths, obvious with My Love in each Lesson.

There are thousands of children being born every day throughout the world.  Some face dreadful neglect physically, mentally, morally.  Some face addictions to all that is wrong in their way of life.  They are taught to steal, to lie, to cheat, to hate.

I have for a long time passed through a small voice My Love for mankind.  I do not pick just the wealthy or the highly intelligent.  My Words are for all I create, whether the creation happened before this time, or the individuals are active at the present time.  I want those who are available in any way, no matter what age, what background, what degree of intelligence they display, to know that I have given to the world an Open Act of My Divine Love through a small voice, a small body, but an obedient one.  So be it.”

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