ON DECEMBER 19, 1997 AT 12:53 PM


“I am Saint Andrew.

Mankind treasures a gift when it is something he or she wants in a personal way.  If the gift is for someone else, the individual does not always see the happiness that the other person feels.

The Father has given to mankind the Greatest Gift that mankind could receive, and that is to be able to read What All The Saints Here in the Heavens are told to instruct mankind on, that mankind in no other way could know about, hear about, and understand the Value, the Importance in which human life has been given what nothing else in the world has, and that is a Soul.

We hear so much controversy over what This Miracle is instructing mankind in, on.  The jealousy that surrounds This Gift is beyond human comprehension.

Today as I speak, it is The Father’s Will that This be written.  There are many times We speak, and the little one chosen to accept Our Words is instructed on just speaking Them, just hearing Them, or requesting They be written.

The jealousy that surrounds This Miracle of Divine Love is a jealousy that mankind does not recognize as a weakness, but it is a weakness that exceeds all other human weaknesses, because jealousy, in its category of human identity, weakens so many areas of an individual’s thinking, practices, abilities to understand so many areas of human life.

As I speak today, I am speaking slowly so that My Words will be heard; first, by those who are with this little one, and then written for others to read.  The Father has Blessed mankind with so many Gifts, and the Main Gift is that every human being see the Beauty in being the custodian of a Portion of The Creator, called ‘a Soul’.  Rarely, if ever, is the Soul spoken about in Its rightful way, the Importance of It, and Who It is a Portion of.  No Greater Gift could The Father give than to place within each human life a Connection that, though unseen, is felt in many ways.

There are many words to describe how mankind knows instinctively that human life is different than all other living things, but rarely, if ever, does an individual connect himself or herself with The Creator of All Things.  It is sad when We see men, women and children never really hear what a closeness they have to God.

The word ‘God’ to many is Something, Someone that they have read about, they have heard about, but never do they connect themselves to This Supreme Being.  They see only the humanism in life based on characters of themselves and other individuals, the responses regarding the intellect of themselves and others’ codes of living that they associate to themselves and others, but it is more rare than mankind fully understands, for an individual to feel that they are a Creation of The Creator of All Things.

There is not enough instruction on what a Precious Gift human life is, because mankind is so oriented to the human practices, understanding, in areas that are not always pure mentally, physically, spiritually.

It is sad when We hear rejection of This Gift of The Father’s Love.  It is in some ways only pleasing to the enemy of God and man.  As mankind knows, there is a right and a wrong to daily decisions, some important, some not so important, but it is necessary that This Miracle of Divine Love, present at ‘this time’, reach every area throughout the world, in spite of all who are trying to stop It, who are jealously rejecting It, and are instructing what they believe in, ignoring What The Father has so generously given through a small voice, for mankind to be able to read, not just hear stories.  So be it.”

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