ON DECEMBER 19, 1997 AT 1:56 PM


“I am Saint Ignatius Loyola.  It is sad to see so many misconceptions, misunderstandings, misinterpretations of Our Words through This Miracle of Divine Love.  Behind doors We hear much criticism based on what individuals feel they are experts on, determining what Many of Us were all about when We lived upon the earth as man.

Many of the interpretations are based on their own theories, identifiable by how they interpret a Miracle of This Magnitude through which so very Many of Us speak openly, not threateningly, but giving Direction, instilling into those who will read, the Importance of human life because of the Soul that every human being is the custodian of.

We hear arguments on the authenticity, the validity of This Great Miracle, most of it because the little one through whom We speak is a woman in the world, not of the masculine gender.

The world has been given a Great Gift, instructing mankind on the Importance of The Beloved Saint Joseph, Who in reality, Who logically says to mankind, has to be The Holy Spirit of The Father, for Who else would be chosen to Father The Son of God and to be called ‘Spouse of The Beloved Heavenly Queen’?

Mankind has a way of rejecting sound values, sound truths, especially when they have been instructed by other men on certain issues that are only feasible for the human mind not able to see the Greatness in The Divine, and how The Father would present to the world Three closely associated to Him to be the Example for all of mankind, for all time.

We hear children asking adults very good, logical, sound questions, because sometimes a child’s mind sees reality and wants the answers that comply and apply to what is realistic.

Children must be instructed on the reality that The Heavenly Queen is not of human origin, but of Divine Origin, and that The Beloved Saint Joseph was given as The Protector of The Son of God, and to make it reasonable to those around, were seen as a Family oriented, balanced by human participation, so that others could relate to Them in a normal way.

At the Crucifixion, many knew at that time that The One being crucified was not ordinary, because they had heard Him speak, instruct, and give them Hope as to a Greater Life awaiting them at a given time.  No other human being taught like He taught, instructed so precisely on so many issues that were beyond what human beings would have the knowledge of, the ability to speak about, and the charisma of doing it above and beyond human nature.

The world has been Blessed through The Beloved Gift of the Wind of The Holy Spirit, by passing to mankind so much Information, so much reality, and allowing mankind to see that as The Holy Family walked the earth, They were not mere human beings, but for the sake of the people had to appear normal physically in every facet of life, because those who lived at that time could not have been able to withstand the Power or the Reasonability of what These Three were capable of.  The Holy Family came to the world as Example for all family life.

One of the Greatest Lessons given was for mankind to see the unification of how The Father wanted mankind to see, to be able to relate to how He created mankind:  closely associated in dignity and purpose, how mankind was to accept human life in the family form.  He gave the Example direct, through Portions of Himself that mankind could relate to.

This Story is endless because it is a Story of Greatness, a Story of Truth, expressing The Creator of All Things’ Love for His Creation, mankind.  So be it.”

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