ON JANUARY 23, 1998 AT 1:09 PM


“I am Saint Jude Thaddeus.

Mankind enjoys receiving a gift, especially when the gift is given with a degree of love or concern.  The gift, no matter what it is, gives to the receiver an act of concern, hope, happiness, or just attention.

The Father daily hands to mankind many Gifts:  the Gift of the opening of a day to act in many ways, first for caring for oneself, caring for others in necessary ways; and then the day, as it proceeds, is many times full of responsibilities, tasks, appointments, and of course, other things.  Mankind greets each day in what man calls ‘a mood’, or a form of looking forward to what is to occur to occupy the day with promise, with hope, with activity, and of course, moments of happiness in some form, some way.

All of The Saints walked each day, looking at it in many ways that mankind in this day does; also, there were many responsibilities according to the place in which they lived, or how they lived, or with whom they lived; so times, in many ways, have not changed.  But down through time, as the years counted in a higher way, a larger number, mankind’s way of life progressed educationally, and of course, according to the time, the year, individuals adapted their way of life to the particular time in which they lived.

Today as I speak, mankind has been given for some time now, much Encouragement, much Instruction on the Importance of human life, and in this Updating, mankind is now cognizant of the importance of what each day means to the body, the mind and the Soul, that in past times the word ‘Soul’ was not frequently spoken about or instructed on, because mankind was preoccupied with the way things in other times used their energies; also, there was not as much spoken about that other facet of human life, regarding the Soul that every living human being was presented at the moment of conception.

Children today, at this time, are not being instructed on That Portion of each of them that is a Portion of The Creator, that they are responsible to and for, because human life has What no other living thing or matter has, and that is a Soul.  Though it is difficult for so many to comprehend having a Portion of The Creator within them, it is a Fact that mankind must realize as Important, and also, a Gift of Divine Love that is above and beyond all other Gifts that human life has been endowed with.

As I speak through a small voice, it is important for mankind to know that The Father has Decreed This Time to be, using a voice understandable to all human beings, as the means, the media to instruct verbally, giving all of mankind the Value of being able to hear and to read the Importance of human life, the Reason for which it was created, and the Gifts of understanding all that it is endowed with.

Many Saints have been requested by The Father to speak openly, and allow Their Words, Directions, Messages, to be put in script so that What they would deliver would not be lost in the memories of those who heard the Words, but that These Words would be put in script for millions of other men, women and children to be able to read firsthand What The Father desired mankind to know, to understand, to realize the Importance of human life as being Special, and that it has a Goal that nothing else living has, and that is to return to Him because He created it to be this way.  So be it.”

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