ON FEBRUARY 11, 1998 AT 12:58 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.  For Me to be so audible at a time in which you live, it is to help all of mankind feel and begin to understand the Reason for which I created human life.  I created man so that at a given time so many would return to Me, a Portion of Me that I placed within each of them at a time called ‘conception of human life’, but also, of Me becoming a Part of human life, unseen, unrecognized, but obviously there.

Man is important to Me, because With All I Am, Who All I Am, What All I Am, I Desire to share It with a Special Creation, close to Me.

I have given the world a Miracle of My Divine Love through one of My Creations, human in design, like all other human life.  Through this instrument of My Divine Love, I am instructing all of mankind to understand, and to be able to comprehend the Value of this Creation that is different than all other creations of Mine.

All other creations surrounding mankind have a purpose, even to what mankind would call ‘the most minute sort, type of living thing’.

I send This Message today so that it will awaken those who find it difficult to believe in This Gift of My Divine Love, and I plead with them to understand that I created mankind for a Purpose, different than all other things I created, and that is because I am a Portion of mankind, and mankind is, in many ways, the custodian of a Portion of Me.  So be it.”

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