ON MARCH 2, 1998 AT 1:45 PM


“I am Saint Bartholomew.

This Special Gift of Communication that The Father has designed through a human voice is a Gift beyond human understanding, but a Gift of Ultimate Magnitude because of Its Divine Love that is obviously evident in All that is delivered through one small voice.

Mankind uses communication of sound, sound in words, directions, love, instructions.  It is the greatest communication, because it in many ways can, through sound, be demonstrative or have clarity in meaning, in a quiet manner.  Without communication of speech, actions, mankind would not be able to have an intellect that would be so beneficial in every facet of human life.

In the Creation of human life, The Father designed so many ways for mankind to feel the Importance of human life:  the mind, the sight, the sensitivity of touch, of understanding communication in a verbal form, and the ability to know right over wrong, truth over untruths, and understand mentally with a brain that would be able to be like a bank of knowledge, giving to an individual support on so many subjects, in so many areas of human adaptability to different ways, purposes, obligations, reasons and goals.

It is sad when We hear men, women and children abuse all that The Father has given internally, externally, because human life was created superior to all other creations, and was created to return a Portion of it at a given time, that would live on Forever.  This very Fact should encourage all human beings to value human life, and to treat it with respect, and to use all the senses, its mentality, for a Goal beyond what human life has available until a given time, and that is to one day return a Portion of human life, the Soul, to The Father for All Eternity.

So much of All that has been delivered through this Specific, Special Gift of The Father’s Love through one voice, is oftentimes not understood for the Greatness in the Value It is.  It is important that All that has been delivered be given to all races, all colors, all creeds, for the individuals to be able to read and to use whatever Portion they can, to help them more fully understand that human life is Greater than all other living matter or things.

There are so many so-called ‘instructors’ on what men, women and children should do, should accept.  It is important to understand that a small number of this direction has in it a sound reasoning and meaning, but not all is valuable, because much is based on humanism, which automatically eliminates Divine Love, Reasoning, Purpose, Goal.

The world has been Blessed abundantly, and it is sad to hear so much rejection of Truths that basically are sound, reasonable, and should be accepted without question, because of the rational reasoning in each Thing.  So Many of Us have spoken through This Gift of The Father’s Love, through the acceptable, understandable, Beloved Name ‘Saint Joseph’, Who in reality is The Holy Spirit of The Creator of All Things.  This should not be difficult for anyone to understand.

It is important that This Miracle that has delivered so much Logic, Truths, Sound Direction and Instruction, that has never before been taught in the manner it is being done at this time, because The Father has Decreed ‘this time’ to be, so that mankind would feel more intimacy, more understanding of the closeness human life is and has, to The Creator.

When the word ‘Creator’ is mentioned, it is difficult for all degrees of Spiritual understanding to fully understand the Magnitude of The Creator of All Things.  That is the Reason This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph was given to the world, with a Name that mankind could associate with The Father of The Son of God, The Spouse of The Mother of God.  This was spoken in a manner that all ages, all degrees of Faith could relate to, could respond to, and could understand as having happened a long time ago, but at this time now, so much more has been delivered through one small voice, using the dedication and the Divine Love of Others to put in writing All the Revealings that give Strength, Love, Hope, Understanding of the closeness human life has with The Creator of All Things.

Logic should tell mankind that an Ultimate Power Exists, and that All Things are created by The Ultimate Power.  Also, that human life was Blessed with ‘a freedom of a will’, because with the freedom of a will, it gave to mankind the abilities to see beyond what was available physically, morally, mentally, and this mankind must know is a Blessing of a Greater Degree than any other living thing or matter.  So be it.”

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