ON MARCH 19, 1998 AT 1:15 PM


“I am Padre Pio.  I have been requested to speak, and I say it is a privilege for this time, because of This Great Miracle The Father has given to mankind, bearing the Name of a Beloved Saint, Who in reality was More than a Saint when He walked the earth as man.

Today as I speak, I speak with a deep Love for human life, because human life has the privilege for a Higher Goal because of the Soul that it is endowed with by The Father Himself.

Mankind has been Blessed abundantly through This Gift of The Father’s that bears the Name of His Holy Spirit.  All that has been delivered, has been delivered to give to mankind not just more Knowledge, but to encourage human beings to fully understand that human life is the custodian of a Portion of Divine Life, Love, that is inconceivable to the human mind, but nevertheless, factual.  At the moment of conception the Soul is immediately placed within the conception, thus defining human life above all other forms of life.

As I have been given permission to speak, it is important for all men, women and children to fulfill The Father’s Will, by understanding that they are the custodian of a Soul which is That Portion of them that will one day become ‘a Saint’, representing their time in life in the human form, a Goal all of mankind should reach for.

It is normal, it is natural for human life to not want to die.  This Gift of The Father’s, that The Beloved Saint Joseph is being Honored, is the Connection of God’s Love to the world of mankind, addressing the Fact that human life is Special, and has a Goal that nothing else has.

As I send My Blessing, I send My Love, because as I walked the earth, I was in many ways rejected because of the manner in which I was used by The Father, for reasons that seemed difficult for some to understand, and yet each day, each act was for the benefit of the Salvation of Souls.

It is sad to hear criticism by those who just understand what is termed ‘book learning’.  There is a Higher learning available, and this is through a Miracle such as This One is, in which so much is instructed, described, instilled in detail by so Many Who have walked the path of human life.

I bless you with a Blessing you will understand I used when I was on the earth as you: In Nomine Patris, Filii, Spiritus Sancti.  Amen.”

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