ON MARCH 20, 1998 AT 3:50 PM


“I am Saint Philomena.  It is indeed a Gift of Divine Love to Me, allowing Me to speak to those who are yet walking in the human way.

There is so much for mankind to understand about what a Precious Gift human life is for man.  Rarely is it thought about for the Greatness it is, because in human life there is a Divine Will constantly present.  Mankind is born with the knowledge of right from wrong, good from evil, truth from untruth.  Mankind is Blessed with a sense of judgment, with a conscience, so that decisions should be moral, never immoral; pure, not impure, just over injustice.

Children are not being instructed in a manner or a way that they can fully understand about human life, and all the Blessings that have been bestowed upon it through the human ability of the mind, and the capabilities in the arms, the hands, the legs, the feet; also, to understand that all these things radiate from the beat of their heart, plus their mentality to use these things the proper way for the purposes at hand.

We see small children not being instructed in a detailed formal way.  This many times allows the individual or individuals to practice actions, movements harmful to them or to others.  Man was born with an intellect, the ability to learn many things.  Without this Gift mankind would be without action, without purpose, because mankind has been given talents and the abilities to use these talents in many ways.  Talents are a Blessing when they are practiced for what is good, proper, beneficial.

When The Son of The Father walked the earth, many of His Teachings were instructing those much older than He on the importance of the abilities of human life, the Purpose for human life, and of course, the Goal.  Time gives to mankind many chances to develop in many areas of life; also, a chance to more fully understand the importance of justice over injustice, and to practice being example, because of the Soul that each human being has, that no other matter or thing is the custodian of.

The world has been taught for a long time through This Miracle of The Father’s Love, so many simple, understandable Reasonings why mankind should seek purity over impurity, love over hate, justice over injustice, and recognize that human life has a Goal Greater than what man experiences in the human way.  Without this Goal, there would be no need for pure reasoning, or acknowledging right over wrong.

Through This Miracle of Divine Love, The Father has allowed so Many of Us to speak in an instructive way, always with much Love in It, basically His Love, because you live at a time that there is much impurity, immorality being practiced, totally ignoring that human life was born to have dignity, and also a Goal.  We see men and women ignore a pure thought, and justify rash impurities.  This is always a sadness, because the victim of these things is always the Soul.

I am grateful for this time to speak These Words, because All of The Saints gather around This Miracle of Divine Love, and desire It to be spread throughout the world so that mankind will not accept immorality, impurities, and always make decisions pleasing to God.  So be it.”

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