ON APRIL 6, 1998 AT 11:07 AM


“A child of years has much Responsibility to accomplish My Will for mankind.  Throughout the world doubts are superseded by envy of thousands who desire to serve Me, but what they do not recognize is that My Will cannot be tampered with through their jealousies, temptations, arrogance, and lack of Faith in Who I Am, What I Am.

I have handed to the world a Gift Greater than any gift mankind can accomplish, receive or design.  My Will must be accomplished as I Will it to be, and the weaknesses of envy, hate, jealousy, must be cast aside because of the Souls that are being lost through this egotism that is damaging to the purity of Souls.

When I gave My Commandments, I gave Them to guide mankind, to instruct mankind in how I wanted mankind to live, because of the Soul that is a Portion of Me in each human life I create through My Order of Creation.

It is important that This Miracle of My Divine Love, This Gift of Hope, Instruction, penetrate the whole world, all languages, all colors, all creeds.  I use one voice.  As I have in the past done it this way, I do it again, because one voice to be heard in My Way, with My Words, allows little distraction to the repetitiveness in how I instruct, teach human beings.

My Love in This Miracle is a Greater Love than mankind can conceive, but My Words are handed to mankind through one in whom they can associate, because it is easier for mankind to understand, rather than to have it done or accomplished in another way.  My Love passes through this little one, and It is a Love different than mankind knows a love to be.  Nothing is to distract This Love of Mine or be misconstrued as not being factual.

Mankind, in trying to ignore This Great Gift I have given, tries to refuse all the Instructions, but I come today with an Important Message:  My Will Must Be Done, My Rules Must Be Followed, because of the Portion of Me that every living human being is responsible for:  the Soul that is a Portion of Me.

I do not close this with the words ‘So be it,’ because those words to mankind, appear as though it is the end of how I want man to be, or how I feel towards this Creation of Mine.

As the Soul of every living human being is a Portion of Me, I am always a Portion of every human being.  So be it.”

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