ON MAY 14, 1998 AT 1:22 PM


“The world must be informed regarding the Importance of why I created human life.  I hear so many speak wrongly regarding the Creation of human life.  It is important that mankind fully understand that human life is a Gift of My Divine Love, and within it I placed a Portion of Me, not discernible to the human mind, but obvious in how mankind thinks morally.

The world has been Blessed in many ways, and the Blessing is obvious in how creation occurs, and how much I have given to mankind to supply creation with the needs that human life constantly has to survive in the physical way, in the moral way, and in the obvious Goal that mankind is the receiver of.

Just as mankind has enemies in some facets of human life because of jealousies, hate, and diabolical interventions, I have given mankind My Commandments that cover all facets of human life, leaving no subject out, no place for error in the discernment of These Commandments.

Today as I speak, I speak through a small voice, and I have requested My Words to be put into script, so that What I speak will remain for thousands upon thousands upon thousands to receive These Words, and more fully understand the Importance of human life, the responsibilities it incurs.

Many Saints Here work constantly through This Gift of Mine, This Gift that allows mankind to write what is necessary for men, women and children to feel the Closeness of The Divine, and to more fully understand that human life is a Gift of My Divine Love, because in human life I placed a Portion of Me to be returned to Me at a given time, representing the individual in whom I placed It at the moment of his or her conception in the human life.

Mankind says, ‘It is difficult for me to understand such a Gift.’ I say to mankind, ‘The Gift that you automatically understand in the form of right over wrong, good over evil, makes this Gift obvious, for I have allowed nothing to interfere with My Association with man.’

Doubters of My Words are their own worst enemies.  Those who follow My Words are the caretakers of their Souls, and their Souls are protected by what the individual does to give to the Soul a way, a manner, and hope to return to Me in a State of Purity for All Eternity.

I bless those who work for Me in a loving manner, way, because their obedience gives service for the Souls of many.  I bless each child, no matter what age, when they request My Help to walk in purity, through This Gift of My Divine Love, that so many Here have spoken Words of Direction.  I beseech mankind to understand that human life is a Gift in My Divine Plan.  So be it.”

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