ON MAY 26, 1998 AT 2:07 PM


“I am Saint Columbkille.

The Father has given to the world a Gift Greater than mankind can fathom, determine, or understand the Greatness of This Gift, because it is based on His Divine Love which is beyond human comprehension.

When man says to man, ‘I love you,’ it is a security between them, it is a friendship, because security gives strength to a relationship between two people that nothing else can give.

When a child is born, the child depends upon those who will feed him or her, clothe them, and/or instruct them through talking to them, and caring for them in different forms, degrees, ways, that help the child grow to a degree wherein the child will be able to take over on his or her personal needs.  The Father, in His Love for His Creation of human life, is ever ready to give Strength, Protection, Hope, Direction, when it is requested, or many times when it is just presented at a time of need.

The world has been Blessed by This Gift of The Father’s Love, bearing the Name of The Beloved Saint Joseph.  The very fact that This Gift is called by His Name should encourage every human being to feel the Security in All that is given in Direction, in Hope, through This Gift that is allowing All to be written for the present time, and many, many, many, many, many, many, many years to come.  Reading one Line can be exactly what an individual needs to strengthen them morally, mentally, physically, spiritually, because oftentimes it is all that an individual needs to give them hope, or the means to make a decision that can change the whole course of his or her life.

Truth is a valuable asset.  Reason has a valuable purpose.  Divine Love is a Gift beyond what mankind knows Love to be.  All of These Things are passed through This Miracle of Hope, because at ‘this time’ The Father Decreed This Gift to be handed to all races, all colors, all creeds.  It is the Greatest Weapon against all that is demonic, satanic, impure, unjust and harmful to the Souls of millions of men, women and children.

When mankind hears of a Miracle of This Greatness, he or she oftentimes tries to use human reasoning to justify his or her understanding, thus ignoring the Meaning of the Wording that is given by One of Us Here.

Many Blessings are handed to the world through This Gift of Divine Love.  It is important that mankind accept This Gift, and use It as It is needed, because in so many ways, It instructs human life on the Importance of why human life was created, and the Goal that awaits the Souls of every living human being.  So be it.”

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