ON AUGUST 19, 1999 AT 1:10 PM


“I am Saint Peregrine.

In daily living, when certain events take place that give joy to one or more men, women or children, it is a memorable occasion, oftentimes temporary because of the changes in the lives of all human beings that take place constantly.

Today as I speak, My Words are directed to all who will read Them, encouraging them to see the Beauty of human life, and the wonderful Gifts it is endowed with at different ages, at different times, for many reasons.

One of the greatest Gifts that mankind has, and it is belief in a Creator and belief in The Rules for which human life was endowed with, because without The Rules, there would be no standards of right over wrong, purity over impurities, love over hate, wisdom over indifference, and a lack of rational thinking.

The Father, in His Divine Love for human life, has allowed so many privileges for individuals of all natures, all degrees of intelligence, and many other factors in life that give to an individual’s life, energy, hope, and a beauty of reality, purpose, because the goal of one’s abilities satisfies an inner desire and gives strength to one’s moral code of ethics, thus allowing an individual to see the value of performing in a pleasing way for the benefit of one’s self and others.

There has been so much given to mankind through This Gift of The Holy Spirit of The Creator.  It is unending in Volume, Purpose, Content and Goal.

As I leave you, I smile as I say, ‘God has Blessed mankind, and God has Blessed the world in which mankind is gifted with the Greatest Goal of any living matter or thing, and that is, to return one’s Soul to from Where It came.’  So be it.”

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