ON JANUARY 21, 2003 AT 12:40 PM


“I am Saint Andrew. I have come often through This Gift of The Father’s Love, but I do not always announce Who I am, because oftentimes a Name is a distraction, and it is difficult for some individuals to see the Value in the Wording, because too much emphasis is put on which One of Us is speaking.

Think about this: Is not a name in human life important? A name tells someone else much about the individual, because they have read stories regarding Many Saints Who bear the names of average human beings.

How I put this is different than I would ordinarily talk, but it is important that individuals of all ages awaken to the logic that a name bespeaks many things. The Name of a Saint has a History.

Now, let us think of the names of individuals. Does not their name speak much about them: their personality, their nature, their habits, and how they deal with situations, conditions, and associations?

What I have spoken is of great importance, because when a human being is born they are immediately given a name, irregardless of whether the birth is one of happiness or just acceptance, or unhappiness. As you go through life and you meet many people through conversations, personalities, natures, or through speech, never forget, your innate natural understanding associates an individual to how they think openly, how they act, and many times just by their name.

I smile when I say the next Words. A name is the foundation, many times, for more thoughts, more understanding.

Today as I speak, I speak bearing the Name ‘Saint’. Each of Us Here in the Heavens Who are named with that Title, are different in how We answer prayers and how We respond to prayers that bear Our Name, but never forget, We also hear Other Saints’ Names, and We stand back and listen. Just because a Name is spoken does not mean that it is not heard by Several of Us Here.

I smile when I say My next Words. Do not forget, in a prayer to The Father, Many of Us Saints know Who the prayer is directed to, and Our Love for Him is Our Respect to Him and for Him, because as The Creator of All Things, He is Our Example also, in how We respond to you when you call Our Name.”

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