ON JANUARY 28, 2003 AT 12:57 PM


“As I speak to you today, I ask you to picture Me in a special way, a way that might surprise what I would request of you, but I request that you think of Me as hanging from the Crucifix, bleeding, due to certain individuals who based what they did on what they felt was justified, but in reality it was based on jealousy, but also an in-depth desire to close out All I stood for, to stop What I stood for, because Christianity, to them, would have forced them to change their immoralities to morality, their untruths to truths, their indifferences to logical thinking and dignity in what they felt should be the relationship between themselves and other human lives.

I speak differently, because you do live in a time of great sorrow for The Divine, because with All that has been instructed by The Divine, was to give Hope, Love, Understanding, Dignity, and the ability to see, in many ways, the irrationality of the demonic world, thus resisting it, casting it aside and wanting it to be dismissed totally from the way of human lives.

Today you live in a time of much despair for All of Us Here in the Heavens, because there is so much impurities of the mind, thus using the body for all things other than what it was created for, ignoring totally what a Gift human life is, and the Goal that awaits it at another time.

Throughout the world there is so much desecration to moral views, moral facts, moral justices, moral integrity, moral logic.

At this time as I speak, there is a sadness in Me greater than you know sadness to be, because the Creation of human life was created for hope, to give strength to the mental, the physical, the moral, and the integrity in which and how human beings would live, work, and enjoy the Gift of human life.

This Gift that bears the Name of The Beloved Saint Joseph could not have a Greater Leader on these subjects than He was when He walked the earth, because in His Purity, Justice, Kindness, and Love for The Creator, He stood for All that every human man, woman and child should see as the Will of The Creator, and not just the acceptance of all the evil that is practiced very risquely without care, without a thought of what it is doing to the Souls of millions of human beings, destroying what human life was created for, and that is: it was and it is to respect the Soul, and to use the Soul as the Connecting Link to The Creator, through prayer for one thing, and for hope, because in truth, in justice and in purity, there is hope greater than anything else in the human way.

Needless to say, I could speak hours on this subject, but there is much sadness Here in the Heavens, seeing so much desecration to the daily way of life, ignoring The Father’s Gift of Divine Love, the beauty and importance of being able to choose through the ‘will’ that human life is Blessed with, that purity of the mind is more logical than impurity could possibly be.

The list is endless on this subject, but I beseech those who take the Words and those who will read These Words: Stop What You Are Doing, Think Before You Act, Before You Speak, Before You Agree With Others On Any Subject, because you become ‘a victim’ of the enemy of All Creation. Remember this.”

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