ON MARCH 3, 2003 AT 12:38 PM


“I am Saint Peter Canisius.

The privilege to speak in This Gift of Divine Love is beyond what the human mind can perceive it to be, but all who read the Words that The Father is allowing to be put into script, instructing on important issues for the mentality of human beings, but basically for the Souls of every living human being, to more fully understand that life in the human way alone, would be minus a Divine Plan.

A flower grows, a flower dies, but the flower in some ways perhaps gave pleasure to those who passed it by. Human life is far greater than the happiness a flower gives, because human life’s Goal is to return to The Father, and be with Him Forever and ever and ever.

I hear some individuals say when they read This: ‘If I have no body, what part of me will be with You?’ The little understanding that exists throughout the world regarding What human life is created with, is in many ways an abomination to the Value of human life, the Importance of human life, the Value of human life, and what a privilege it is to be born a human being, because the Soul is in many ways obvious to every mentality born, but many times it is resisted by the individual in whom It is, because they cannot see It, they cannot feel It, but without It, the human mind would have nothing. It would be like a bone, a nail, or a drop of blood.

As I speak These Words, I speak Them hopefully awakening thousands of human beings to the Fact that human life was created and is created for an Ultimate Goal, because each human being born receives a Portion of The Creator of All Things: a Soul, a Connecting Link to The Divine. This Creation of human life is gifted in an Ultimate Force, Source, and Reasonability.

I could speak hours on this subject, but What I have just spoken is to awaken the minds of human beings of all backgrounds, that in human life there is Hope greater than anything else created is the recipient of. Approach each day knowing that within you, you have the ability to do many things, and to also keep in your mentality the Beauty of a Goal that The Father has implanted in you, because of the close Association human life has with The Creator of All Things.

The Soul is a Gift of Divine Love, never seen perhaps, but It is always felt, because the human mind knows purity from impurity, justice from injustice, right from wrong, hope from despair. All these factors in human life prove to the human mind that there is a Place, a Goal, and yes, a Purpose, because of That Portion of human life, the Soul.”

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