ON JULY 10, 2003 AT 1:03 PM


“I am Saint Angela Merici.  I am not as well-known as Many Other Saints Here in the Heavens, but the little one through whom We All speak, attended a place named after Me.  She oftentimes would seek My personal aid, help, and I would always smile at this, because the Faith she placed in Me was a recognition that I would have the privilege to aid her when it was needed.

As I speak to you today, there are Many, Many Saints present.  Many of Us Saints say to The Father, ‘Holy One, would it not help if they were to see Us in person, in a personal form, way?’ He always smiles at this and says, ‘They will one day.’

Throughout the world there are so many men, women and children who never pray.  They depend on only the physical part of their life, sometimes even when there is great sorrow or a great need for help in many ways.

I will not speak long, because there is so much to be spoken to help millions of men, women and children to more fully, deeply understand that it is a privilege to be born a human being and there is a Goal for it in Divine Plan.

We speak of the Goal, because it is innate in human lives to be anxious to reach goals, even when the goals are not important enough for all they have to do to accept the challenges it takes to reach a goal that someone decides is important.

My Words will not be lengthy, but I assure you that All of Us Saints Here in the Heavens, because it is The Father’s Will and Love for human beings of all ages, to help them better understand that to be created the human way is Part of Divine Plan; also, there is a Goal for the Soul of human life that nothing else created has.  The Rules to live by are really rather simple.  The prayers to be spoken to communicate with Heaven, simple to say, and not too much to remember.

I will close My Words with a small prayer, hoping you will remember it:

‘Heavenly Father, please give me the strength to become a Saint in Heaven.’”

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