ON AUGUST 12, 2003 AT 8:48 AM


“In My Creation of human life I instilled many benefits, different, and other than all other things created.  My Love for this Creation of Mine is Far Greater than It is understood to be.

The Soul that is a Portion of Me, human life is gifted with, and yet It cannot be seen by the human mind, sight, or mentality.  A Blessing of This Greatness is more than the human mentality can perceive It to be, but this Gift I instilled in human life, gives to human life many other things.  It allows the mentality to speak, to learn, to communicate; also, to be able to discern morality over immorality, justice over injustice, love over hate, purity over impurity, and of course, the value of being able to discern what is pleasing to Me.

There are so many things that human life ignores.  The excuse for this is they have a personality, a nature, and a freedom to speak as they will it to be.  They have choice that nothing else has, and they have the freedom to do it according to their will, their way, many times thus ignoring The Commandments I gave at another time for all of human life to have The Rules to live by, and to understand that within life These had to be, because without Them, many sins would be acceptable when they are only catering to the enemy of All there is.

As I close My Words at this time, it is important that They be passed on deliberately, not only What I have just spoken, but All previous Instructions, Teachings, Communications that I delivered, so that human beings of all ages would have the ability to more fully understand that I, as The Creator of All Things, have also designed what I expect human beings to accept regarding their moralities and their associations with others like themselves, called ‘man’.

As I close My Words at this time, I close Them reminding all who will read Them, all who will pass Them on to others, that without My Foundation for the Souls of human beings, I would have neglected to instruct them for the Goal I Will them to have; that is, to return to Me That Portion of Me that is within them, called ‘the Soul’.”

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