ON AUGUST 13, 2003 AT 11:53 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.  Though it may be difficult for thousands, or even millions of human beings to find it possible that I would speak at this time, this year, and use one small voice, small body, to deliver What I want millions of human beings to learn more about:  the privilege of human life, and the Goal that awaits it at a given time.

Just as My Son died on the Cross, it was difficult for others to understand why I would cause Sacrifice to show and to fulfill My Plan.  I show it in a different way, and of course, at this time for those who believe in Who I Am, What I Am, but do not understand how close I am to them through a Part of them that is Me.

To use thousands of human beings would be useless, because it would be called a ‘common condition’, but as I use only one voice speaking the Words I Will human beings to read and to more fully understand, more indepthly proves it is I Who am speaking, and it is My Will that they understand that What pours forth through one small voice, would not be what the small voice would think of saying, representing Me.

Truth has a simple way of proving itself.  Divine Love does it this way.  All that has thus far been delivered from so Many Here in the Heavens, are Important Words, Directions, and Deep Caring, representing My Will for the Souls of millions of human beings.

I do not worry that My Words will not be understood by many, but it brings sadness to Me when I hear so-called ‘religious individuals’ who practice devotions to Me, ignore What I am passing through to them in print, verbally dictated by Me, for human beings of all ages to understand that I do this, thus not leaving things up to their mentality of what they discern, what they hear, that is not recorded, thus giving to It a Finality of Assurance in My Divine Plan.

I bless many Souls in All I deliver, and I add to this:  There is no prayer or request unheard.  I answer all prayers, but in a manner and degree I see best.

I will close My Words at this time, but there is much more that I will say at another time, because the Souls of millions of human beings are depending on Me to make all ages of human life aware of My True Existence, My Closeness to them, and My Judgment in all they do.

As I close My Words, I give a Blessing based on My Divine Love, for not just the Souls of human beings, but the lives of human beings who have the privilege to more fully understand My Closeness to human life, because of My Divine Love for all human beings.”

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