ON AUGUST 20, 2003 AT 12:10 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I smile when the little one I use is so concerned over all things being done exactly to what My Will desires Them to be spoken, and to be practiced.  Her time with Me is often, even when I do not speak Words for her to repeat.

Throughout the world there are so many individuals of all degrees of Faith in Me, and many times little understanding of My Will for them to more fully understand that in My Love for human life, I placed a Portion of Me within them, thus giving to human life a Gift of My Divine Love, as it is when a child is born in the human way.

All things designed have purpose and reasonability.  Though I have spoken many times on how close I am to all human life, many do not understand how I mean this, and many say, ‘How can it be, if there is only but One God and there are millions of human beings?’

What I give to human life is above and beyond human understanding, because the Soul is different than anything in flesh can be compared to.  The mentality in human life bears much association, but also many responsibilities, because the mentality is gifted with Me, through My Ability of Knowing All Things.  It is My Sharing with human life the pleasure, and also the ability to recognize what is not always feasible to the eyes, or their associations with others like themselves.

I will not speak too long at this time, because the little one’s physical is spent in the physical form, but not in her Closeness to Me.

I have Blessed the world abundantly, because human beings of all areas of life, first of all, the area in which they live, background in which they were born, and the chances they had to grow mentally, morally, spiritually, these things all show to Me, because as the Soul of every human being is a Portion of Me, I fully understand all age groups, all degrees of abilities, and all who feel My Existence has to be, because how else could all things have been created without there being One Who was capable, is capable of being called ‘The Creator of All Things’.”

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