ON SEPTEMBER 2, 2003 AT 8:42 AM


“This little one I use as an instrument of My Communication with other human beings, is in an excessive degree and amount of ‘Preparations’ for many things.  She cries for My Help and I say to her: ‘What I am doing is necessary for My Will to accomplish what I Will it to do, and to be helpful to millions of human beings.  I know you are small but your love for Me is great, big, and necessary, because I use it to transmit to the world My Love for human life, and My Will to give it the Correct Direction, for them to better understand what an Important state human life is for all mankind.’

The little ones are not being talked to or instructed on what a Special Gift they are the custodians of.  There is so much lack of rational instruction, teaching, because most who even know what should be done, do not take the time, or see the necessity of.

Though I use one voice, I have since the beginning of this time with her, requested that All I speak and direct her to put into print, she does willingly.  All that has and is being delivered is not just to instruct other human beings on the Importance of life, but the Goal for which I bless human life, for That Portion of them, the Soul.

My Words today are heavy, but of great importance, because there are thousands who read Them, and they must see that My Will is dedicated to their Souls being returned to Me.

I will close My Words, because the Power I use on What I have just spoken is difficult on the little one’s body, even though she is willing to continue for Me.”

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