ON SEPTEMBER 16, 2003 AT 12:37 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I have just personally put tears in the child’s eyes for a specific reason.  Tears are oftentimes important because they have the purpose to explain to others present that there is either happiness or sadness going on, either personally or with someone else, or for someone else, or the need of someone else.

I am about to ask you an important question:  When you sin against one of The Commandments, do you cry, or do you ignore what you have done that hurt Me, because of your Soul that is the victim of all you think, say, do, practice or commit to?

I have given human beings so many traits, allowing them to express how they feel emotionally, mentally, psychologically.  The list is endless.

When a child cries and there are tears that are shed, whatever occurred was hurtful in some form, manner, way, degree, perhaps even based on someone’s darkened idea of what the word ‘humility’ stands for in the language of your time.

I have given to the world a Blessing far greater than It is understood to be.  If I did not love this Creation of Mine so intensely, I would not care about many things.

I have never spoken to anyone such as I speak today through this little one, but you do live in a time of great importance.  I must add to this, all times of human life from the beginning were of great importance, but due to the characteristics, the understanding and the training on moralistic values, differences and indifferences, all times were held differently in the mentalities of those who lived in those times.

I speak differently today, because I feel it is time that My Words express more indepthly how I understand all things that occur in the mentalities, in the physical actions, and in the minds of all who are born in the human form, way, degree, manner, bearing a Soul, a Portion of Me.

I will close My Words, because What I have spoken to some will be harsh, but the time sometimes calls for more in-depth Wording.

As I close My Words, I want you to know, not just those who take These Words, but those who will read These Words and pass Them on to others, that in My Creation of human life, I instilled within it Something nothing else was gifted with.  It is called ‘the Soul’, and it is That Portion of human life I listen to each day, because the Soul, in Its Close Relationship with Me, is Greater than the human mentality can perceive It to be.

I plead with all who walk the human role, to practice what you know is pure in thoughts, words, deeds.  The list is endless on this; but I have come today to speak These Words, because I feel it is time for Them to be spoken in a manner, a way, to instill into the human mentalities who will read Them, and who will pass Them on to others to be read, will eventually feel that My Divine Love for all I have created, and All I Am, wants All Souls to be returned to Where I Am.”

1:00 P.M.


“This little one is obedient to My Will, and it is important that All that has thus far been delivered, be constantly delivered, because in the human weaknesses of human life, it is so much a habit of when an important Message is heard and It is not to an individual’s liking or real concern, It is passed off and even thrown away.  This Cannot Be Done To What I Have Just Delivered.”

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