ON SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 AT 1:28 PM


“There are so Many of Us present most of the time where this little one has been chosen to give Words of Hope, Direction, and Spiritual Understanding from The Divine.

Today, as We stand Where We are, and speaking to you where you are, is basically a condition of Divine Power allowing this to occur, permitting it to occur, and giving it the Help and Direction for Our Words to reach you as you live upon the world.

When an individual receives a gift that they either wished for, or is pleasant for them to receive, there is much happiness, joy, and it does not leave the individual in a short time, because the gift will always remind the individual of the time that it occurred.

So much is spoken from The Divine through This Gift that is greater than the human mentality can perceive It to be, because This Gift draws an individual close to the Goal for which human life was created for, the Soul.  It, in many ways, is a Gift of Divine Love greater than can be seen.

Many stories are written regarding spirituality.  They are good for many to read.  There is a difference between those books and What occurs in your presence so Personally.  You are the recipients in a direct manner, way and degree of being an instrument with responsibility, thus this responsibility gives you an obligation to see that All that is delivered through This Gift, thousands and thousands and thousands and more of other human beings will have the privilege to read, and to more fully understand how close man is to The Creator, and The Creator to man.

Remember What I have spoken, because it is important that All that has been delivered never be held, but be spread throughout the world.  No matter what obstacles occur, there is always another path that can be used for These Divine Words to reach thousands and millions of men, women and children, maybe not the next day, but only The Creator of All Things uses the way for Them to be received for others to read and to learn from.

We hear individuals say every once in awhile to another human being, ‘God bless you,’ or even ‘God love you,’ in a very light way, but those who take These Words must remember, and those who read All that has thus far been delivered should know, that by seeing to it that others receive All that has been delivered, is like The Heavenly King saying, The Heavenly Father saying, ‘I love you.’”

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