ON SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 AT 11:55 AM


“As the Words flow through one voice, because of The Father’s Will for so much to be instructed, requested, and learned by millions of human beings of all ages, He uses one voice.  This, to the human mind, cannot be fully understood, but in His Logic of a Gift of This Dimension is why It is put into script, never to be erased, or changed in concept in any way, because All that is delivered is not just for one individual’s intellect to understand, but for millions of human beings to read and to be able to discern the importance of the Directions, the Requests, and The Rules, beneficial to the Souls of millions of human beings.

When Words are requested to be put into script, They are also to be scattered as far away from where They came in that it is possible to send Them, because there is no place in the world that so much has been delivered to enlighten the mentalities of human beings of all ages, to fully understand that as their being a custodian of a Portion of The Creator, no average book reading, studying, can give them the full concept of how their Soul must be understood to be a Portion of The Creator that nothing else has.

Formal prayers are important in the life of every human being, because it keeps them mentally understanding that there is this Factor in human life that is of the greatest importance to not only their will, their physical, but to their Soul that is a Portion of The Creator that cannot be seen, but is felt in some portion of their sensitivity that does not show, but It is felt in a distinct manner, degree, force, from a Source Greater than what the human body consists of.

Children are not being taught about the importance of prayer.  It has become a negligent degree of training in many areas of human life.  Humanism and its goals take precedence over what prayer is meant to be, to consist of, and to what it gives to life, greater than one’s own mentality.

I could speak hours and hours on the importance of human life’s responsibilities to That Portion within them they cannot see, but It is evident through their innate sensitivities of knowing what is pure over impure, morally; what is just over what is unjust, morally.  The list is endless.  That is why I have given to the world This Close Communication, put into script, to aid every human being born in the logic, the feasible logic, that human life has a Goal, not the body per se, that is logical to take care of in the human way, but there is a Portion of What I Am in every human being born.  No gender is without it.  It is called ‘the Soul’.

The word ‘Soul’ has become a common word amongst many individuals.  They call themselves ‘soul mates’.  This alone depicts an innate understanding that they do not realize the degree of, but they term it as ‘close friendship’, ‘close association’ that is worthwhile.

I know I speak in a way and manner and degree at this time, that is different than I am used to being heard speak, but This Gift of My Divine Love, allowing so much to be instructed, helping individuals of all ages to become more aware of what human life consists of, thus having a Soul, separating human life from anything else.

I could speak endlessly on this subject, but I have given to the world This Time to awaken the mentalities that each human life born bears a Portion of Me, to make it a human being, to give it all that it can absorb, understand, and to realize that all does not end when the human part is no longer termed ‘living’, but there is a Portion that returns to Me that can bear the Title ‘Saint’.”

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