ON SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 AT 8:40 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

Though it is difficult for many men, women, and children to understand how close I am to them, and I am proving to them this Fact through This Gift of My Divine Love in which and through which I speak frequently, also allowing so Many Saints Here to also deliver What I Will human beings of all ages, all backgrounds, to understand, that My Love for human life is realistic, Personal, and I am always present to them.

Though I use one small voice, I have given an additional proof of My Words that pass through her, by allowing Them to be put into script for thousands or millions of human beings of all ages to read What I Will them to know.

My Creation of human life is beyond the understanding that men, women and children want to know, because if I am this close to them at all times, the responsibility they feel would be too much for them.  I am close, and a Portion of Me, a Part, is within human beings.  It is called ‘the Soul’.  I hear some say: ‘Why can I not see It?  Why can I not feel It?’ Your Faith in My Existence, and the fact that I have told you, should be enough for you to understand that I would not deliver an untruth for such an Important Fact of Where I Am, What I Am.

There is so much for human beings of all ages, backgrounds, intellects, to believe that they were created for a Reason.  They were designed to be able to follow through their senses, their knowledge, that in their way of life, living each day faced with realities, using all that they have to use to partake in the human manner of living, bespeaks loudly What I have given.

I will close My Words at this time, but I will speak on this later; but as I leave you, I do not plead with you to understand What I have spoken, nor do I command you, because, do not forget, I have also given you a free will.  To Me, that was a Gift of My Divine Love, because you have the ability, the privilege to choose.  You are not prisoners of Mine or My Will.  You are Gifts of My Divine Love, because within you, you have a Portion of Me, your Soul.”

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