ON OCTOBER 6, 2003 AT 1:03 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.  As I speak through one small voice and I request others to put All I speak into script, it is for the benefit of thousands of other human beings to read and to more fully understand how close I am to the lives of all of human life.

I have given to the world a Blessing Greater than It is understood to be.  It is My Personal Love for human life through All that is delivered in the written Words, so They cannot be forgotten easily.

Throughout the world men, women and children say prayers.  I always respond immediately, perhaps not in a sound to them, but mentally, because in each human being I have placed a Portion of What I Am, Who I Am.  This is a Connecting Link, until the Soul returns to Me at a given time.

I realize I have spoken so much through This Gift of My Divine Love on the Importance of the Soul that cannot be seen, but It is definitely felt, because in My instilling into that portion of human life, knowledge and understanding of certain words, in different languages, of course, according to what the individual learned.

As a prayer is directed My Way or the Way of a Saint, it is heard just as it is spoken.  No word to Who I Am, What I Am, or to The Saints, is ever passed over, rejected or not heard.

Today, in many places throughout the world, there are many individuals who are ignoring what Closeness I am to them, and they are involved in and accepting sins against their mentality, their reality of understanding what is pure over impure, just over injustice, and there is not one that does not know what is right over what is wrong.  They call it ‘humanism’.

To understand purity over impurity does not take, does not enforce or force an individual to read volumes of books on morality, or on the fact that they are responsible for everything they think, say and do.  How else could I have protected human life, if I did not think of all the things that could be instilled into the mentality to give them logic, and the ability to resist what would be impure over purity?

I could speak hours on end on this subject, but so little is understood on how close I am to every human being born to the human way of life, because in My Love for this Creation of Mine, I took no chances.  I instilled from the beginning, a Gift of My Divine Love, Something that is a Portion of Me, with an easy name to remember.  It is called ‘a Soul’.

As I leave you at this time, remember one thing:  I am always present wherever you are.”

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