ON OCTOBER 8, 2003 AT 1:38 PM


“I am Saint Angela Merici.  I am well-known to this little one through whom I am about to release Words that I feel are of great importance for the benefit of Souls.

Very rare is it that a human being takes into consideration that they are not alone as they live their life daily.  They are gifted with a Greater Gift of Divine Love than they understand It to be.  It is a Portion of The Creator, called ‘the Soul’.

The Soul is the recipient of all an individual thinks, practices, becomes part of, in every facet of human life, because it is innate in the Soul to respond to the Purpose for which It has been placed into the life of a human being.  The Soul is conscious of every move, every thought, and as the individual grows physically, mentally, the Soul is ever present in the same manner, same degree, same reasonability.

Children are rarely told about the Soul that they are the custodian of, the protector of, and also, the one that the Soul will represent when the human way of life no longer exists.

Many times, when the Soul feels concerned, worried, regarding the actions of the one in whom It was placed, Many in the Heavens come forward to give aid.  This is never heard about to the human way of life; but nonetheless, The Father, in His Love for this creation that bears a Portion of Him, that is to be returned to Him, a Saint, is ever watchful of what occurs to the One He allowed to be born and be gifted with many Gifts of the human way, That Portion of Divine Love, the Soul.

Throughout the world there is very little spoken about what the human lives are gifted with, the importance of honesty over dishonesty, purity over impurity of the mind, the actions.

So much has become so-called ‘modernized’, which in many ways is a foolish word to use, because it has no meaning in situations regarding the Soul and the body and the mind of human life.  Modernization only victimizes, when it can protect, or there are many things that should be corrected by the human mentality, helping it to better understand that there is a Goal for human life.

If there was no Goal for human life, why would the very, very young, and all ages of human life, innately reach for goals to be achieved, all different kinds, of course, but it is an innate sensitivity that is obvious and rarely not seen.

As I close My Words now, I know I have spoken differently, but it is something for all ages of human beings to think about and to rationalize, and also, to be example to others regarding the sensitivity of understanding that there is more to life than the physical form, or abilities to speak, to walk; there has to be a more in-depth Reason for all that human life consists of.

As I close My Words, I hope that those who read My Words will understand that I speak in this manner, way, to not just enlighten an individual to what they are responsible for, but to make them aware that human life was created and is created for a Goal Greater than It is seen to be, and Greater than the human mentality perceives, that when they are no longer in the living state, there is a Portion of them that is to return to The Father, a Saint.”

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