ON OCTOBER 9, 2003 AT 12:15 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

Since the beginning of the Creation of human life, I have chosen different periods of time to speak on what I Willed human beings, of all ages, to more fully understand the privilege they were Blessed with, in being born.

Throughout the world there are millions of men, women and children that do not understand so much that they are able to use to more fully comprehend, regarding what a Blessing and Gift of My Divine Love human life is and was intended to be, from the moment I conceived the first man.

Thousands of interpretations have been deliberately used, many totally in the imagination of human mentality, due to the fact that Who I Am, What I Am was too difficult to fully understand, so the human mentality used imagination that they felt was not just suitable to understanding, but practical and logical.  I do not correct them openly, because their intentions were sincere and based on love that they were capable of understanding at that time, in their way.

I speak differently at this time, but it is to give to those who presently live, a small degree of insight that hopefully will help them understand there had to be a beginning structure and logical Plan for such a Loving Gift of My Divine Love, because a foundation of basic reasoning helped this Gift be more fully understood, due to the fact that one step at a time was logical, to be able to be the foundation for all that there is at this time.

I beseech you to remember this:  My Reasoning, My Divine Love for All I have created, has a purpose beyond what the human mentality can understand, because as I have created All things, I did it in an orderly, understandable method to reach what I would call ‘an ultimate condition’ for more to be seen, learned, understood, recognized as valuable, in how I used one step at a time to accomplish My Love for this Creation of Mine, and that, through time, I would be able to allow, instruct those living in the human way, to be able to more fully understand that My Love for this Creation of Mine, and all it is capable of doing, was based on Divine Plan, and is yet being helped to more fully understand that to be created in the human manner of living is gifted for a Goal, and that is to return to Me one day, That Portion within them that is a Portion of Me, humanly spoken as their ‘Soul’.

I will close My Words now, because All I am capable of delivering is beyond what the human mentality can handle, due to the fact that each time I speak, I desire to address and add more Facts, more understanding, more interest, and more reasonability for human beings to realize that their creation, as a human being, is gifted with a Goal Greater than anything else created, and that is to return to Me, That Portion of What I Am within them, their Soul.”

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