ON OCTOBER 10, 2003 AT 12:03 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

Each time I desire Information, Messages, and My Love to be read and to be more fully understood, I deliver the Words through one small voice, chosen a long time ago, for My Will to reach millions of human beings to more fully understand what a Close Association I have with man.

Each time I beckon her to be aware that I want to speak through the written Words, she innately has an innocent fear that she worries about regarding My Will, My Love and My Words to be taken correctly, because there are so many Souls that must be told about this Association I have with her.

The Wording that is delivered by Me is exactly What I Will others to understand and realize that My Love for human life is much closer, much deeper than It is understood to be.

Throughout the world the hunger on Spiritual matters, Spiritual interpretations are endless, because there are so few who have taken the role to guide others spiritually, do not follow the realization of the importance of speaking on the spirituality in a degree, manner and way that is basically innate in a human’s mentality, but it oftentimes needs to hear the Words or read the Words that seal the Foundation of Association, bringing them closer to the realization that I am always present, always available, always willing to hear what they have to say.

If I see, in their manner of association with Me, skepticism, concern, or their lack of understanding that I have a Portion of Me within them, their Soul, that is always immediately ready to aid them, to console them, to counsel them in a manner that they perhaps do not understand in their human way, but they are never without My Presence to speak to, and to request My Help in all they think, do and say.

I could speak endlessly on this subject, because it is so important for human beings of all backgrounds, all stages of living, fully understand they are never out of My Presence.  I am available constantly.

I have given to the world a small voice, a small instrument, but what I have designed This Gift to use, and to be used for, is to help all of human life through the Words I speak to those who can be present, but mainly to those who can read What I desire all of human life to read, thus enabling them not to be left out of What I Will them to know, to feel, to understand how close I am to them in their daily lives, their daily living as human beings.

I bless all who read These Words, I bless those who hear These Words, because you live in a time wherein the enemy has tried desperately to eliminate the consciousness of a Soul being present, and only humanism necessary to follow, no matter what condition of morality is being practiced.

As I close My Words at this time, I beseech all who come in contact with All that I have thus far delivered in print and verbally, to spread My Will, My Love, My Purpose for This Gift that is unusual, but obviously available in the degree, the manner, the way, the purpose It is meant to give to human beings the desire to see, to feel and to understand, that human life has always been a Gift of Divine Plan, and all of human life, no exceptions, have within them a Portion of Me.

As The Creator of All Things, I would never have left human life without a Gift of purpose, strength and ability to stand up against all that is evil, because they are to remember that human life has a Goal for That Portion of Me within it, called ‘the Soul’.”

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