ON OCTOBER 24, 2003 AT 11:46 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.  There are Many Others present Here with Me Who are called ‘Saints’.

I have given to the world a Gift greater than the human mentality can or wants to perceive Its Greatness because of the changes they will have to make in how they live each day, how they act each day personally, and in response to others with whom they are associated or meet.

All that has thus far been delivered must never be set aside, ignored, or abused in any form.

I use one small body to relate to others My Will through Words understandable to the human mentality.  Some say: ‘Why do You not use more than one?  Would not the so-called “little one” be too weak physically and in other ways?’ I many times become angry at this remark, because it is a remark of jealousy, but also a remark belittling Who I Am, What I Am, and the Degrees of Power I have.

In all decisions I make, I use each decision to perfection, to either correct what is wrong, or to instill what is right.

There are many learned men, and some women who are innately jealous of This Gift of My Divine Love.  This is sadness to Me, because jealousy delays, destroys, and always ignores the Facts that should be seen as either helpful, justifiable, or the foundation for what is good in every degree.

The little one never knows what I am going to speak about, so My Words are always spontaneous.  The subjects are delivered as I Will them to be delivered.

Throughout the world there are millions and millions of human beings who should know about This Gift, because there are so many demonic distractions they are confronted with.

I could speak hours, but I know that the little one I use hears indepthly What I speak through her, and it takes Its toll on her physically, because her desire is to only please Me, and that is what it should be.

The time has come for the mentalities of all degrees of intellect to awaken to Me, My Constant Presence that they cannot see, but also My Willingness to return their Souls to Me.  I have placed a Soul, a Portion of Me, within every human being.  Nothing else is gifted with This.  This should be understandable because only human life has a Soul.

As I close These Words at this time, I remind those who read Them:  It was a privilege to be born a human being.  It is a privilege to live as a human being, and it is important to know that as each day passes in the living state, I am within you, wanting you to become what is called ‘a Saint’.”

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