ON NOVEMBER 6, 2003 AT 1:14 PM


There are Three of Them present.

“I am Saint Peregrine.  I am Saint Athanasius.” And the Third One is telling Me His Name.  He smiles and He says, “Saint Ignatius Loyola.”

“I am your Heavenly Father.  I smile when this little one tries so hard to repeat What her body does not hear, but to repeat the Words that are implanted in her mind, capable for her to understand the Wording she is receiving from a Higher Plane.  The sound of Voices would be disturbing, is that not so?  But the Way We deliver All that is to be read, understood as being Gifts from Heaven, are the important Words.

Today as I speak, and so Many Here with Me are present and able to intercept if They Will it to be done, the world has been bestowed upon with a Gift greater than the human mind could imitate or fully understand, because the Souls of millions of human beings must realize that They are a Portion of The Creator, and the ones in whom They were placed at the moment of conception is important to Them.

Though an individual does not see the Soul or even feel Its Presence, there is an innate sensitivity to the privilege of human life, based on all it has been gifted with, to walk in many roles of living, understanding so many things that nothing else created has the privilege of doing or being.

As This Gift touches human beings through the written Words, it is done this way so that What is delivered through her that is of such Great Importance, is not only trusted to the human memory, but given the privilege to be able to read It many times, thus observing more indepthness in It, more realization of It, and that is the Gift of the closeness human life has with The Divine.

Many Saints Here in the Heavens are saddened by the fact that when so much important Wording is delivered in one place, all places throughout the world do not hear It, but they have the ability and the privilege to read It because of those who will take the time to be a part of the delivery, and then take the privilege it is to scatter It to all the other lands in the world, and outside the world.

Children are not being instructed enough on how important it is for them to greet each day in The Father’s Name, even if it is a short prayer, but the important thing is that the child associates the day with the Kingdom of Heaven, and the child’s place, the child’s importance, and the child’s realization that there is a Goal to life, Greater than the ones they ordinarily respond to, or accept as being natural to human life, ordinary.

This Gift that gives so much to all who will take the Words and all who will have the privilege to read the Words, must travel beyond from where It passes through, because there are millions of human beings who have no idea that I am this close to you, no matter where you come from, no matter how you live, no matter what age you are, no matter what your intellect has been instructed on.

I could speak hours on end, but I promise you that as These Words pass to millions of individual human beings, They will leave a Mark, not seen, but innately felt when it is requested to be, or when the need is necessary for Us to remind them that human life is a Gift of Divine Love, not human love as so many see it to be.

As I close My Words at this time, I have spoken differently, but I have done it to open the way so that the reality and the Purpose for human life is Greater than the human mind perceives it to be.

As I bless those who take My Words and those who will read Them, I ask you all to remember to do one thing more times than you ordinarily do it, and that is to remember what gives Me happiness:  when you say, ‘In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti.  Amen.’”

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