ON NOVEMBER 14, 2003 AT 12:44 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I come on this day

to deliver some explanation of My Love for human life.”

“To begin with, I will go back to the first Creation of human life.  In the beginning of it only certain abilities were able to be put into place, because logically this Gift of life had to take stages in developing that were at this time they began, there was nothing before them as ‘man’.

I go back so far in time, but it is My Love for human life that I Will and Desire to understand:  As each step was chosen to develop this type of life, there was much Divine Love that was the Basis for all it began to be, and of course, the end results.

I speak in this manner today, not just to instruct, but to express My Deep Love for this Gift of Divine Love.  Granted, many who read These Words will not understand the Type of Love that was the Foundation, the Basis, the Basics for human life to one day be created and implanted within it, a Portion of Me called ‘the Soul’.

No living man knows the full story, nor did they at the time it all began, because as each step was taken, it was done with Divine Love, Hope, Concern, and a Goal that nothing else had.

At this time, a long time after ‘The Beginning of Human Life’, there are so many areas of human abilities, human mentalities, human Gifts, that must change for the benefit of the Soul that is a Portion of every living human being.  The Portion I talk about, I AM.

For some so-called ‘learned’ individuals, this might be difficult for them to comprehend, but as I began this Gift in design and the talents that were to give to human life abilities that animals did not have:  the Gift of speech, the Gift of learning, the Gift that gave to human life balance, understanding.  The list is endless in content, in concept, and in My Love.

Of course, this was a long time ago, ‘The Beginning of Human Life’, but today as I speak My Words, I am using human life to take the Words, and mentally be able to understand the importance of the Gifts, the reasonability of the Gifts, and the Love I have for human beings.

I will close My Words now and speak more on this at a later time, but I have just opened the way in My Desire to help all human beings realize that human life was created in Divine Plan, and given even at the beginning, a ‘Soul’, a Portion of Me, to give it strength, hope, reality, making it different than all other things created.

As I close My Words, I say, ‘There Is Not A Moment In A Day That I Do Not Look At Human Life In A Loving Way.’”

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