ON NOVEMBER 19, 2003 AT 12:24 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

Many times I bless the whole world with My Divine Love, because upon the world I have put Portions of Myself, called ‘Souls’.

All ages of human life are the recipients of a Portion of Me.  This may be difficult to understand, but My Love for human life shows in the ability of sensitivity, in the understanding of hope, and in the cautiousness of danger to the physical, but also to the mind, the memory.

Today as I speak, I speak because of This Gift I have given to the world.  It is not seen for the Greatness It is, but it would not be able to be, because you see, My Divine Love for human life is beyond any mentality.

I come with These Words to assure you of My Divine Love for you, and I want you to remember ‘That Love’ is Something that should be returned in a degree, manner, way, possible.

So, as I close My Words with you today, or I should say, at this moment, I thank you for your kindnesses, your love, and your willingness to use your talent to put into script for others to read All that will help their Souls one day return to Me, and I can call Them ‘Saint’.”

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