ON NOVEMBER 29, 2003 AT 11:15 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.  I smile at what I am about to say, because My Love for human life is based on My Closeness to it, My Purpose for it, My Love in it.

I created human life to be exceptional to all other living matter or things that would be needed to assist human mentalities’ understanding, aiding it to follow My Plan because of the Souls that are innately placed at the moment of a conception of a human being.

At this time I have chosen to release more Information regarding My Close Association and My Reason for creating human life.  Though there are millions of men, women and children created, they do not fully understand My Closeness to them.  That is why I have given to the world so many Personal Messages, hopefully aiding them to more fully understand My Love for this Creation of Mine bearing the word ‘humanism’, or ‘a human understanding’ of all things, above and beyond what anything else created has the ability to understand or to recognize, because they do not have implanted in them What I have given to man.

All things created have a purpose.  All different types of lives, or I should say, living matters of things other than the human way, were created to assist human life to realize that human life was designed with Gifts different, so that human life could associate with more of How I Am, and My Desire for human life to feel the Closeness, the Connecting Link of My Divine Love through the Soul they are the custodian of, that is a Portion of Me that nothing else created has the capacity or the capability to compare with.

As I speak through this little one, I always smile at her concern that All Things I speak be Word for Word.

As I close My Words here at this time, I want all who read Them to realize:  no moment in the day am I ever not present through their Soul that is a Portion of Who I Am, What I Am.  This is My Gift of Divine Love that I desire to be understood, due to the fact that so many times a distraction might cause interference, but nevertheless, it does not cut out What I Will to be said, because the Soul of the living human being works consistently day and night with Me, under all circumstances, all concerns, and all needs.”

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