ON DECEMBER 2, 2003 AT 11:48 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

Though it is difficult to understand that I have chosen this time to reach all of human life by My speaking Words through one small voice, I will continue to do it according to My Plan.  If I were to just speak through this little one I use, the human understanding of What they would hear would not fully comprehend the importance of the Words.

The time has come for more to learn about the Part I play in helping human beings of all ages, all backgrounds, to better and more fully understand The True and Full Existence of Who I Am, and that in My Love for this Creation of Mine, I have designed a Gift that was and is capable to reach thousands and thousands and thousands of human minds, helping them to know, to understand that in My Creation of human life, there was All Divine Plan, nothing earthly, and nothing from the enemy.

In each human life, I have placed a Portion of Myself, not understandable, not with the ability to be seen, but it is important that all ages, all backgrounds, realize that I Exist Above all things, and that no human being has the capacity to fulfill a Place such as I Am.

I have come to the world through one small body, one small voice, proving the Power I Am, because All I have to speak is more than logical, it is obviously Great or Greater, because of the Promises I have made that the Souls of human beings are to be returned to Me, to be with Me Forever and ever and ever.

I have Blessed the world abundantly through This Gift at this time, but I must add to this:  A long time ago, when a Portion of Who I Am was placed upon the earth, the human minds could not handle What a Great Gift He was, so they destroyed Him physically, but not mentally.

Now even though there will be those who will read What I have spoken and question perhaps a Word or Two or More, My Love for human life says in This Gift I have given to the world, I have given It because of My Love for the Souls that I have placed in each human being born, no matter what country they lived in, what background they came from.  Human life is Special because I am Part of it.

As I close this short time with you, I want you to remember What I have spoken; but also, I am always present.”

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